Hot, freshly baked, directly on your table

The bread, the good one, wisely prepared according to the old recipe, and that love for the white art and bakery, handed down like a good old story. Valcopane’s oven produces every day the authentic flavour of Valle di Comino, served with love and sweetness, along with a sincere Goodmorning.

" We need farmers, poets, people who know how to make bread, people who love the trees and are able to recognize the wind"

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The Bakery

Valle di Comino’s bread since 1991. Two stores, 60 distributors and a team of young flour talents, our ovens are cozy and tasty stops fo those who want to meet the flavors of tradition or taste one of our new recipes, all absolutely genuine and freshly baked at any time.

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Our ingredients

Passion and flour, simple recipes and friendlyness. And our fresh local products, selected with care, mixed and slowly leavened. These are the ingredients you’ll find at Valcopane, where every season has its unique taste and every hour is a good reason for a stopover.