Once upon a time there was a Pizza, round-shaped, red and crispy, one could buy it only in Villa Latina. People used to say, it was the best in the area. At that time, mills along the Mollarino river were still operating and the grinding was done at home. Round and thick, deep red, with chopped tomatoes and crispy crust, cooked in copper pans, it was tasty like few others were. Gaetano and Davide, who in Villa Latina were born and raised, had heard the story many times, from grandparents and neighbours, but especially from their mom, Bianca, who kept the secret recipe.

It was 1991 when the two brothers decided to rewrite that story their own way. A little bakery, in Villa Latina, just on the crossing point of many roads, meeting point for those who cross the Valley up and down on a daily basis. So is that Valcopane started, a young idea recovering an ancient mastery.
From the decision to make artisan bread and pizza it soon became a creative workshop of flour, where to test new recipes, mix cereals and seeds, prepare excellent cookies and cakes. And the philosophy hasn’t changed: fresh, quality products and local ingredients. The bakery soon became very popular, thus allowing the owners to open a new shop in Atina Inferiore, a very warm and cozy place, always crowded, where you buy some bread and receive a smile.

With time the family has grown as well, a young and multiethnic team which is also an example of welcoming and integration. Today Valcopane distributes in over 60 stores in the province of Frosinone and in Abruzzo region, while the bakery itself has turned into a real gourmet address, where you can taste freshly baked delicacies, but also the best food and wine produced in Valle di Comino, from DOC Atina Cabernet to top quality EVOs and jams, a morning stop is a feast for the eyes and the palate.

only genuine ingredients


Hot, freshly baked, directly on your table

The bread, the good one, wisely prepared according to the old recipe, and that love for the white art and bakery, handed down like a good old story. Valcopane’s oven produces every day the authentic flavour of Valle di Comino, served with love and sweetness, along with a sincere Goodmorning.


Passion and flour, simple recipes and friendlyness. And our fresh local products, selected with care, mixed and slowly leavened. These are the ingredients you’ll find at Valcopane, where every season has its unique taste and every hour is a good reason for a stopover.